Shopify Product Upload

Used by over 60,000 online retailers, Shopify is an extremely popular and preferred shopping cart platform. Though it is rich in features, making the best use it is not something an amateur or a layman can do. What you really need is a specialist who can provide end-to-end support for Shopify product upload. At NSP, we have a team of Shopify product entry specialists who can render exceptional quality service at the most competitive price.

At NSP, we can manage your Shopify data entry in a seamless way. Whether the product type is simple or complex, we can carry out the entire data entry processes in an effortless manner. We can gather information from every possible source, including hard copy catalogs, digital catalogs, manufacturer’s and supplier’s website and other sources.


Here is a list of tasks our Shopify specialists can complete:

  • Adding new products and updating existing products on your Shopify Store
  • Performing data analysis and data collection
  • Listing products using crucial information like product SKU, product title, product description, UPC, images, product URL, price, discounts (If applicable), manufacturer, quantity, shipping, etc.
  • Adding new product categories or editing the existing ones if required. Our experts study each product meticulously before assigning it to any category or subcategory
  • Defining all the major attributes associated with the product like color, dimension, model no., weight, etc. This would ensure a wholesome shopping experience for your customers
  • Converting low-resolution images into mesmerizing images, which can easily capture the attention of the potential buyers. We can also insert relevant graphics to make products more visually appealing
  • Crafting unique, original and SEO-friendly product descriptions, which will increase the marketability of the products
  • Using upsell and cross-sell technique by promoting related items and accessories on the product page to increase sales possibilities
  • Helping you with Shopify inventory management by examining the availability of the products by consistently checking the manufacturers’ updates