Electronic Document Management

Our Electronic Document Management (EDM) service makes it easy to convert paper documents into an electronic format, and our indexing service makes access simple leading to substantial savings in cost and time, increased productivity plus the bonus of easy and instant availability of records and information.

Benefits of EDM:

  • Instant access to documents, information and data even when away from the office
  • Instant comparisons between documents
  • Easy and improved communication, both internal and external
  • Speedy and effective communication
  • Considerable savings in stationery, and time spent copying, filing and printing
  • Reduced document distribution costs.
  • The convenience of keeping all data on a server, allowing remote access
  • A secure filing system reducing the possibility of losing files and documents
  • Easier backups
  • A marked reduction in the need for storage space.
  • Corporate or Personal Research Assistants
  • Travel Management Service
  • Web Email Management