eCommerce Back Office Support

eCommerce back office support is needed to run an eCommerce store successfully. We, at NSP, provide a wide range of eCommerce back office support services. Our dedicated, expert team of professionals will take care of every aspect, which is essential to operate an eCommerce business smoothly.To provide you with our full support, we can efficiently handle pivotal tasks such as inventory management, order processing and tracking, finance and accounting, handling customer queries, etc.


Here is a list of tasks you can assign to our eCom back office support executives:


  • Managing enormous volumes of financial transactions in a seamless and error-free way. Our experts can also generate receipts and invoices and enter their data with 100% accuracy!
  • Managing your inventory by regularly monitoring the product availability. We’ll also keep a stringent check on price updates of your competitors’ products
  • Ensuring that product descriptions and titles are SEO friendly. Doing so help visitors reach your eCommerce store when they are looking for a product
  • Acquiring product data from a variety of sources like scanned brochures, scanned images, printed catalogs etc.
  • Crafting informative and engaging product descriptions, which can lure the visitors into making a purchase
  • Making the best use of upselling and cross-selling technique by displaying a list of related items & accessories and what other customers are purchasing
  • Conducting competitor analysis by monitoring what prices they are offering to their customers. This can surely help you offer the best prices
  • 24/7 customer assistance through email/live chat support
  • Taking care of order processing and tracking by keeping a record of the shipping details and ensuring customers receive their products without any glitch