DTP Service

Creation of important documents like Annual reports, User Manuals etc often require page layout skills which are a combination of both manual efforts using a personal computer and page layout software in order to create e-copies of documents for large- and small-scale distribution. It is common requirement of any organization today. At NSP Technologies our team of DTP experts can help you streamline the process which can otherwise prove to be time-consuming and costly affair. We have been in the industry for over a decade catering to clients both large and small. We offer complete DTP solution from layout & formatting to multilingual publishing.


Our list of DTP services includes: –
• Text Formatting – Analysing font size, types, typography, spacing etc to ensure maximum visibility for your text.
• Layout Design – Books, magazines, reports have different layouts. DTP experts are well-versed with all layouts and can advise on pagination depending on your choice of format and the word count of your manuscript.
• Copy Editing – We scrutinize grammar, punctuation, spelling to ensure that every syllable adheres to the publisher’s guide.
• Translation – We translate the text into any language for immediate publication in digital and print format.