Catalog Updating Services Shape

Information that does not hold any relevance in the present time should be regularly revised and updated. The same way an online catalog should be consistently updated with new content to ensure the freshness of product data. But the volume of new content can be quite huge and overwhelming, and the updating process involves dealing with hundreds or perhaps even thousands of different vendors. This process requires a team with solid expertise and experience.


Following is a list of tasks that you can assign to our catalog updating experts:


  • Accurately and regularly updating product data like features, titles and descriptions, brand name, manufacturer’s name, SKU’s, etc.
  • Revising product prices in real time to avoid buyers from comparing it from competitor websites
  • Reviewing and updating product categories and subcategories so that the buyers can view the products with ease
  • Updating product availability status to ensure that you don’t oversell
  • Regularly updating product descriptions when new products are added to the roster
  • Routinely updating product images by editing and enhancing them.
  • Entering and updating crucial product attributes such as color, shape, weight etc.
  • Updating tax and shipping data