From creating the concept for a creative to final design and printing is a long process. The concept needs to be edited and tweaked to make it more aesthetically pleasing and ready for printing. This important part of editing and re-touching is done by Artwork specialists. At NSP we provide professional artwork services to enhance your images to make them more appealing to the naked eyes. They work on designs, formatting, correcting layout, typography etc to print it the way it was intended. Whether you are a small design company, a publishing firm or a full-fledged advertising firm, we can help you create exciting pictures to enthral your audience.


Overview of Artwork Services:


  • Check for sizes, fonts, image resolution and correct them so images do not appear pixilated and fonts are readable.
  • Correcting improper images caused due to low light, shutter speed etc.
  • Managing crops and bleeds to ensure seamless prints.
  • Cropping images so the printer can identify the edges etc.
  • Sharpening images to improve contrast and make an image appear more refined.
  • Setting up documents in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) color format as most printers follow that color code.
  • Correcting Typographical errors and proof-reading final copies before sending them in print.